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What is your business name?

What is your first name?

What is your last name?

What is the best phone number to reach you?

Don't worry we wont bug you too much. Just want to make sure your questions are answered.
What is your gross monthly revenue?

how much do you bring in on a monthly basis in credit cards, cash, and checks. Must be provable.
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You are about to get started on our application experience. This should take you no longer than 10 min. After you complete the application you will be sent an email from our Docusign system so you can execute the documents and attach bank /credit card processing statements statements. Click below to start.
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What was the Account Managers name?

Lets dig into your business...

We are going to start by collecting your business information so we can decide which direction to go with your application.
What is your legal business name?

This is going to be the name you used to register your business with the government.
What is  {{answer_37272641}} using as a DBA?

This is the name you use with the public.
What is {{answer_37272641}}'s tax identification number?

Otherwise known as your TIN or EIN. You can find this on your tax returns or other corporate documents.
How is your business incorporated with {{answer_37291334}}?

On what date did you start {{answer_37272641}}?

When did you first incorporate? A ball park figure is fine. Just try to get the year right.
What line of business is {{answer_37272641}} in?

Restaurant, construction, hair salon, taxidermist... you get the picture.
What is the web address for {{answer_37272641}}?

What is the primary phone number for  {{answer_37272641}}?

What is the preferred phone number for {{answer_37272641}}?

What is the physical address for {{answer_37272641}}?

As in, where your store front is located.
Which city is {{answer_37272641}} in?

What is the ZIP code for {{answer_37272641}}?

Do you have a separate billing address?

What is the billing address for {{answer_37272641}}?

As in, where your store front is located.
What is the billing city for {{answer_37272641}}?

What is the billing ZIP code for {{answer_37272641}}?

Does {{answer_37272641}} rent or own its physical location?

We typically do not need to collateralize for our loans. But the lenders base part of their decision on wheather or not you own the property {{answer_37272641}} occupies.

What amount does {{answer_37272641}} pay on a monthly basis for rent or a mortgage?

What is the name of the landlord for  {{answer_37272641}} at  {{answer_37286418}}?

We do not contact your landlord until we are well through the funding process. Rest assured that no contact is made until you say so.
What is the phone number for {{answer_37292921}}?

Lets dig into your business revenue...

this is the number one category your banks look at when they underwrite your file. No need to be too exact, close is good enough.
What are your gross annual sales?

Your total sales for the year. Just give us a ball park figure. You dont have to be too acurate at this point.
Do you process credit cards?

Who do you process credit cards with?

Who is your processing company. (ie. Wells Fargo, First Data, ect.)
What is your average monthly credit card volume?

Just a ballpark figure. No need to be too accurate.
Are you satisfied with your credit card processing company and its rates?

If you are not happy with your rates or equipment we can set you up through our wholesale program. An analysis is free and there is no commitment.

No problem. We will analyse your statements and come back with some points on which you can save money with your processor.

Would you like to look into credit card processing?

Lenders Cloud is all about getting you capital for your business. But, that doesn't mean we cant set you up with the ability to process credit cards and a slick new terminal. Better yet, the quote, terminal, and processing is free.

No problem. We will get a quote together and give you the numbers with your loan package.

{{answer_37272641}} Ownership Information

We only need individuals who own 49% or more of  {{answer_37272641}}. No need to add investors or silent partners.
What is the primary owners first name?

What is the primary owners last name?

What is {{answer_37275216}} {{answer_37275265}}'s title?

What is {{answer_37275216}} {{answer_37275265}}'s ownership percentage?

What is {{answer_37275216}} {{answer_37275265}} home phone number?

What is {{answer_37275216}} {{answer_37275265}} mobile phone number?

What is {{answer_37275216}} {{answer_37275265}}'s birthday?

What is {{answer_37275216}} {{answer_37275265}}'s social security number?

This information is necessary but not to worry! We encrypt everything!
What is {{answer_37275216}} {{answer_37275265}}s home address?

What city does  {{answer_37275216}} {{answer_37275265}}  live in?

What is {{answer_37275216}} {{answer_37275265}}'s ZIP code?

Is there a secondary owner in the organization?

We only need the ownership information for owners over 49%. No need to worry about silent partners.

Secondary owners information

What is the secondary owners first name?

What is the secondary owners last name?

What is {{answer_37289597}} {{answer_37289598}}'s title?

What is {{answer_37289597}} {{answer_37289598}}'s ownership percentage?

What is {{answer_37289597}} {{answer_37289598}} home phone number?

What is {{answer_37289597}} {{answer_37289598}} mobile phone number?

What is   {{answer_37289597}} {{answer_37289598}}'s birthday?

What is {{answer_37289597}} {{answer_37289598}}'s social security number?

This information is necessary but not to worry! We encrypt everything!
What is {{answer_37289597}} {{answer_37289598}}'s home address?

What city does {{answer_37289597}} {{answer_37289598}} live in?

What is {{answer_37289597}} {{answer_37289598}}'s ZIP code?

Almost there! Just a few more questions and you will receive your application for digital signature in your in box in seconds!

How will you use the funds to grow {{answer_37272641}} ?

Be brief here and there is no need to mention taxes, lawsuits, or any other troubles. We are painting a pretty picture for the lenders.

I.E. "I'am looking to install an oven and pay a vendor."
How much capital are you looking for?

Does {{answer_37272641}} have any open short term loans or MCA's?

Only check yes if you have a loan with a current balance on {{answer_37272641}} with a short term business loan or MCA lender. SBA, equipment finance, or factoring doesnt count.

What is the name of the first lender with which you have a balance?

What is the balance of your open MCA or short term loan with {{answer_47703369}} ?

Just the remaining balance. No need to be too accurate. Just a ballpark figure
Do you have a second balance?

What is the name of the second lender with which you have a balance?

What is your loan balance with {{answer_47703432}}?

Do you have any open judgments or liens?

What is your judgment or tax lien balance?

Do you have any open bankruptcy's?

The operative word here is OPEN. No need to disclose discharged or dismissed BK's.

What year did the bankruptcy occur?

Any other questions or information you think we should know?

What you type here is confidential and will not be shared with any one other than your account manager so ask away. Remember, we work for you!
Legal Stuff

This form does not constitute approval or acceptance of a loan for either personal or busienss purposes. By signing below, each of the above listed business and business owner/officer (individually and collectively, “you” authorize Lenders Axis LLC (LA LLC) and
each of its representatives, successors, assigns and designees (“Recipients”) that may be involved with or acquire commercial loans having daily repayment
features or purchases of future receivables including Merchant Cash Advance transactions, including without limitation the application therefor (collectively,
“Transactions”) to obtain consumer or personal, business and investigative reports and other information about you, including credit card processor statements
and bank statements, from one or more consumer reporting agencies, such as TransUnion, Experian and Equifax, and from other credit bureaus, banks,
creditors and other third parties. You also authorize LA LLC to transmit this application form, along with any of the foregoing information obtained in
connection with this application, to any or all of the Recipients for the foregoing purposes. You also consent to the release, by any creditor or financial
institution, of any information relating to any of you, to LA LLC and to each of the Recipients, on its own behalf.
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